What’s the status of Omnichannel in Denmark?

New Report out now: Omnichannel Facts & Figures 2017

In cooperation withDansk Markedsføring and Sitecore we are proud to release the first NBI report based on data from the NBI platform. Under the name “Omnichannel Facts and Figures 2017”, the report investigates and analyzes data from the Omnichannel capability benchmarking tool collected in 2015 and 2016.

We reccomend that you head on over and get your FREE copy of the report right here, but in the meantime, we’ve summarized a few of the headlines for you:


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Omnichannel Denmark state of the nation 2017


Over all, Danish companies score an average of 1.44 out of 3.0, placing them about halfway to omnichannel, or, according to the above graphic, somewhere in between ‘multi-channel’ and ‘cross-channel’.

We struggle with Data

The master disciplines Data collection, Data Discovery and Customer Recognition & Permission are the low-performers, and especially Data Collection stands out, scoring just 1.17 our of 3.0. There, are however, variations when you sort the data according to top-performers, industry, or market focus.



Bigger is Better

In general, the bigger the company, the better the omnichannel performance. Larger companies are also more likely to be planning to invest in omnichannel initiatives within the next year.


How do you compare?

You can map, measure, and benchmark your own omnichannel performance FREE by signing up for the Omnichannel capability Benchmarking tool and submitting your own data



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