Successful academic pilot project aims for national expansion

The academic pilot project that ran in the spring of 2016 in collaboration with Business Academy Aarhus (BAAA) and Harald Tokerød (of Tokerød Plus) hopes to expand in the fall of 2016, and is now looking for additional participating schools, as well as funding.

During the pilot project, a group of students from the International Sales and Marketing program at BAAA participated in a short internship program based on using the NBI digital maturity tool in collaboration with a partner organisation. In this setup, the students were given the chance to start out their internship with a tool that creates value for the organization from day 1.

Participating companies participated in three workshops/meetings with  BAAA, where they were introduced to the tool and the project, they filled out the survey with the students, and finally, the students presented their findings, results, and advice for the future.


Food for thought and expansion

We received lots of great feedback from the students and the participating companies, and we hope to continue the project, taking this feedback into account, in the fall semester 2016. In addition, we hope to expand the project in order to allow more colleges to participate. This means that the project is now looking for new participating schools as well as additional funding. If you are interested in joining the pilot project – as a school, sponsor, or participating company, please contact:

Mette Risgaard Olsen from BAAA

or Jan Futtrup Kjaer from NBI

We plan to host information meetings in August/September 2016.

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