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New Feature: multiple respondents

Getting a clear picture is a team effort!



Not sure where to focus your internal efforts in an omnichannel or digital transformation? Do you want to know where you are vulnerable, where you are strong, and whether your team is on the same page? To help teams get a clearer picture, we’ve launched the multiple respondents feature.

Understanding a company’s current digital capabilities is a complex, cross-organizational task. Ideally speaking, it involves someone from every department: from top management, to marketing, to technical specialists, everyone has a stake in the process. 


Written by Henrik Kærsgaard and Christine Kjær Jacobsen

If you’ve been a long time user of the NBI Business Benchmarking Platform, you might have noticed that we’ve been adding some new features throughout the past 6 months. One of the biggest and most requested features, is what we call “multiple respondents”. It was most requested with good reason: it adds the ability to collaboratively assess a company’s maturity on any of the NBI benchmarking tools. But it’s much more than that! And it can be a pretty valuable tool once you understand how to get the most of it.

What it is: just the facts

The feature is pretty much what it sounds like: a feature allowing you to have multiple respondents from your company complete the survey under the same umbrella account.
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The multiple respondents feature allows a company administrator (the person who created the account) to invite team members on to the platform to complete the specific NBI benchmarking tool. The results then show up on the administrator’s dashboard and dynamic report, enabling access to a wealth of data about the organization’s internal knowledge and approach to that specific topic.  


Why we think it’s so cool

As an example, let’s have a look at a company’s ambition to master omnichannel strategy, i.e. creating a seamless customer experience across touchpoints.

Ideally, mastering the ambition of omnichannel strategy requires involvement from not just marketing, but also IT (to secure data and permission gathering across touch points) and data analysts for data collection and exploration, i.e. finding meaningful insights and predictive analytics (when customers will churn, opportunities for upselling, etc.).

It also requires all customer facing touchpoints (digital and physical) to be aligned, and taking all of this data and information and transforming it into personalized, well-timed, streamlined communication.

Finally, for all of this to succeed, it requires integration from management, a culture that prioritizes and embraces customer experience, and the organizational and incentive structures to back it up. (And these are just a few examples – most organizations involve even more departments and areas).


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This fictive companys employees don’t agree on the primary market focus – 50% view it as primarily B2B, while 50% view it as equally B2B and B2C. In the dashboard, you can click to see more details.


This is where multiple respondents can help you – because it enables you to see omnichannel maturity across functions, silos, and levels in your organization, showing internal gaps in knowledge and maturity.

4 ways to get the most out of multiple respondents

Here ‘s 4 quick suggestions to getting the most out of the multiple respondents feature:

  • Start with an internal gap analysis
  • Facilitate a workshop – with the help of a NBI certified research partner
  • Focus on creating common language and understanding of the project and challenges at hand
  • Ensure anchoring is in place: success with any digital transformation or major digital project is highly dependent on c-level anchoring


Get started with multiple respondents now

You can use the multiple respondents feature as a new user or as an existing user. If you’re already signed up with Networked Business Initiative, login here.

Otherwise, signup or find out more about the NBI omnichannel capability benchmarking tool here.

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