NBI launches in Sweden – second country out of 20

NBI reached an important milestone at the beginning of this year, as we took the first step towards international launch. Within the next few months, Swedish companies will have the opportunity to map their omnichannel maturity on the NBI omnichannel mapping and benchmarking tool.

Thursday was the day we had been waiting for since the project started in 2013. Our first International Launch! NBI launched the omnichannel mapping and benchmark tool in Sweden as the first step in an international roll-out plan aimed at reaching 20 countries by 2018.

Seven exclusive ‘pilot partners’ were given access to the framework on Thursday January 7. For the next three months they will be busy using and testing the omnichannel survey tool in Sweden. The goal is for these seven partners to map more than 200 Swedish organizations within the first three months. This will create a solid base for benchmarking that will give partners valuable metrics as we continue the launch in Sweden.

This also means that our Danish partners will soon be given access to data about the Swedish market in their benchmarks (and vice-versa).


Babysteps in ambitious international plan

Founder and chairman Jan Futtrup from NBI on the international launch: “Launching in Sweden is a big milestone for the project. We are very focused on making this a success and using the learnings from this launch to further internationalize this project”

We currently have four tech vendors and three consultancies rolling out the omnichannel framework as exclusive pilot partners in Sweden.

You can visit  our exclusive Swedish pilot partners here:

Omnichannel marketing – a trend to watch in 2016

The omnichannel mapping tool is built on the omnichannel hexagon and maturity model from Rasmus Houlind (author of “If it’s about me – I’ll buy it”). Organizations are surveyed in six different aspects of omnichannel marketing, such as permissions and security. They are given an independent maturity score, but can also benchmark their own scores against competitors in their industry or from specific countries. As we roll out in Sweden and other countries, the data will become more complex and valuable.

Omnichannel marketing was recently named one of the top 10 marketing trends to watch in 2016 by Forbes Magazine (see the article here), and the omnichannel survey is a good starting point for anyone interested working with omnichannel marketing.



What’s next?

In April 2016 we will open the survey tool to VIP partners, and by Q3 we will scale out to the rest of Sweden. During the next three months we will be reaching out to relevant parties who may be interested in a VIP partnership. Meanwhile, the learnings from the launch in Sweden will help us as we prepare for more international launches this summer.

If you are interested in joining us as a VIP partner in Sweden, or for more information on NBI and and the omnichannel survey tool, contact us by mail: contact@networkedbusiness.org, or phone: +45 70 27 27 31

Want to know more about using the Omnichannel mapping and benchmarking tool?

Watch the webinar (58 mins.) where Rasmus Houlin explains all about the framework behind the tool, the six areas in the omnichannel hexagon and how you as a consultant can use the data that the companies provide.


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