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10 new-bizz meetings using the NBI Platform (casestory)

Updated Sept. 9. 2015
NBI Beta partner, Twin Solutions – made 10 New-Bizz meetings in under one month as they were testing the NBI platform and framework as a project beta partner. But, how did they do it and how do they plan to move forward? We sat down and talked to their digital business advisor, Esben Spangsege.


NBI: How did you promote Twin Solutions’ launch site and got companies to sign-up?

“Well we executed a 3 step plan” says Esben and elaborates:

First step: Online Push
Our first step to get value from the NBI platform (beside signing-up as a partner here) was writing a blog post (read here) about our involvement and spread it through channels such as our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also contacted Huset Markedsføring (an online news outlet about marketing) and made a deal about Twin Solutions blogging for them about our process with using the NBI platform (read here).

The online push sparked a lot of interest and many people visited our NBI Launch Site and signed-up.

Second step: Picking up the phone

The second step we did, had an element of good timing. After following Networked Business Initiative on Facebook (follow here) we knew that their Chairman, Jan Futtrup, was speaking to 1000 CEO’s at the Danish Chamber of Commerce Annual Year Day. We ceased this opportunity and afterwards called a number of the companies attending the event inviting them to acces the NBI tool via us.

Third step: Meeting with companies 

The third step was reaching out to the companies that had signed up via our launch page. We arranged meetings with the 10 most interested companies, were we agreed to come to them and help them work with the NBI tool. We feel that this is a way to ensure that they get a good start using the platform, and it is a fantastic way to ask them the right questions and start a constructive dialogue about their company’s current digital state. We had the meetings with the top-level management.

NBI: How do the platform work for you as an advisor?

Esben: “Well it’s a great tool to create a baseline of information about the company from where you can give more qualified advice. It can really help kick-start the process and dialogue about a company’s digital strategy – currently and going forward. It gives a fantastic foundation to ask the right questions.

Beside that, we are also interested in being en active part of something we believe will be a strong voice and platform within digitalisation of Danish companies. So we have been committed to the NBI project from the start”

NBI: What is your plan going forward?

Esben: “We are planning to do even more follow-ups on the companies who have signed-up through our launch site and get more meetings in the calendar. I want to point out that, the first meetings were not sales meetings, but more a way to present the NBI platform – and our agency as well of course. When the company has submitted the survey we set up a follow up meeting, where we provide the company with feedback on the data. So you can say that the NBI platform acts as a kind of digital babushka.

As an agency you get to visit and revisit the responding company using the service to peel off the layers of the business and the organisation over time. This gives us unique insights. Normally these insights are only obtained by the biggest companies in the world because they cost a fortune. If a responding company however treats this “as if” it was a million dollar survey, they can reap all the benefits for the cost of 0 and us – the agencies – get the luxury of being able to make data driven pitches from day 1.”

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Thank you Twins Soultions for sharing your story so far with us and the rest of the NBI-partners!

 How it works:

  1. All NBI partners (digital vendors, consultancies and associations) receive their own uniue URL and NBI Launch Site including own logo e.g. ( where companies can sign-up and take the NBI survey.
  1. When a company sign-up to take the survey, the partner will get notified and will be able to contact the company by email.
  1. The NBI survey creates the data foundation for the NBI dashboard, from where both company and agency can see the results of the survey put into visual graphs. The graphs show the analysed results, which can be compared to an overall benchmark (100 % anonymous).
  1. The responding company can choose exclusively whether they want to share their NBI dashboard with the agency, who’s launch site they took the survey through.
  1. If a company choose to share the NBI dashboard, a common datadriven ground of understanding is established between the agency and company, concerning the company’s current digital state. A common ground from where they can collaborate on designing the company’s future digital journey.


Written by: Sidsel Manich, Communications Manager at NBI.

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