Launch it, baby! (And how to do it effectively)

So – we started to launch the omnichannel framework in Sweden. Yay! Thursday Sigma were the first to reach out to their costumers with the offer to map their omnichannel performance in our new survey tool.

Just a few days before we held a webinar for our Swedish partners where Jan presented the best methods for launching the tool and increasing traffic and potential leads.

Jan presented seven free ways of doing it, four paid ways of doing it and four work-intensive that can be either free or paid depending on in-house resources

The tips have already been collected in a guide (find it at the bottom of this post), and within the next few weeks we will be presenting more detailed launch kits. Stay tuned!

If you can’t wait, just go and watch the webinar video with all the good tips (25 mins) – or if you are busy: Get four great tips just here below.

4 great tips for when you launch the omnichannel survey

Since you have already taken the time to read our blog post, we might as well share with you some of our general experiences and good advice when it comes to launching.

1: Reach your audience by using pinpointed pain points

When our partners are launching, we have seen different ways of engaging people in the opportunity you are giving them. But one that works really well is picking out a specific pain point and using it when you are pitching the opportunity by sending out material. Examples of such a pain point could be:

When talking about Omnichannel: “Having trouble communicating across multiple platforms? Here is a tool that can help you out”. Or: “Struggeling to get the right permissions?”
When using the NBI framework “Want to know if you are using social media effectively?

People has a tendency to communicate it more like: “Here is a tool”. But that’s a broad and generic term, but pinpointing peoples needs and challenges works much more effectively.
And remember: Whether you are doing it in one channel or the other drive it as a top story.

2. Use friendly reminders.

80% of new user traffic is often registered within 3-5 days. But if you want to reach out to the last 20% remember to send out a friendly reminder and make it even more efficient by targeting your reminders by pinpointed categories (see above) and find different ways of promoting the opportunity more specifically.

3. Spark traffic and motivation with sense of urgency

At the end of the day having people spend 15-20 minutes of their busy lives mapping data in a survey is not a sexy thing. So you have to convince them that there is a great value into doing it – or give them something as an extra motivating bonus.

Create a sense of urgency as an effective way of doing this. A sense of urgency can help you increase traffic fast or/and make sure the respondents make it all the way to the end of the framework survey.

One way of doing this could be by giving a special offer to the first 50 people completing the survey or signing up.

Or, if you run a workshop with 25 seats, offer the seats to the first 25 people who take the survey.

4: Follow up – on everybody.

You might be running a big campaign, but be sure to remember that every time someone signs up there is  person on the other end. It is a person who has invested time and interest in this and this means you shouldn’t leave them behind even if they don’t complete the survey. Maybe the phone rang, maybe they had to run to a meeting? Follow up by inviting them to help them finish the survey or reach out in a reminding way with other methods such as inviting them to an event or sharing some knowledge in an exclusive mail.

In any case: Remember to set up a process that focuses on the people who completes the survey – but don’t forget to set up one for the ones who don’t.


Here’s the good news: If you made it this far, don’t forget to check out the guide in it’s entirety. You can find it right HERE.

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