KICDK: Understanding the power of emotions in your customer experience efforts

Nedenstående indlæg er skrevet af Niels Andersen fra Pentia og produceret som en del af #KICDK – Kunden i Centrum. KICDK er et samarbejde melle Dansk Erhverv, NBI, ITBranchen, Sitecore og en række af branchens stærkeste aktører inden for “strategisk kundecentricitet” med målet om at rykke konkurrencefordelene for danske virksomheders digitalisering og kundecentricitet. Mål din egen kundecentricitet på kundemålskiven her.


“Objectively speaking, my local pizza place does not have an awful lot going for it. Their pizzas are mediocre and they are neither cheaper nor faster than the other pizza places in my area. Why do I keep ordering there then? My daughter has fallen head over heels in love with them.


What have they done to create such a strong pizza affinity in a 6-year old you ask? It’s simple: They always say hi to her, they always give her a lollipop with her pizza order, and they always give her crayons and a piece of paper to draw on while we are waiting to pick up our delivery. And she loves them for it. A level of emotion that no chain restaurant or fancy sushi place can ever generate for her.


Apart from giving you, dear reader, a craving for pizza, what can be learned from this story that we can apply to our work improving customer experiences for brands?”


Læs hele indlægget her.

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