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Introducing the Networked Business Initiative!

Welcome to the Networked Business Blog!

My name is Henrik and I spent most of my time trying to coordinate and move the Networked Business Initiative forward. I do it in collaboration with a great team of competent employees and volunteers. In this blog post I’d like to tell you a little bit about the vision and thoughts behind this exciting project. I’d also like to invite you to become a part of the project (more on that later). I hope you will bear with me as I try to explain years of thoughts and ideas behind the project in a (somewhat) small blog post!

FACTBOOK 12/13The Networked Business Initiative (or simply NBI, as we usually call it) is an international research initiative focused on creating a global platform of data and knowledge, which empowers businesses to navigate the networked society. More specifically, we are focusing on enabling businesses to effectively utilise what we call networked business technologies: Social media, mobile, cloud, big data and websites.

The project originates from a national survey which we have conducted in Denmark, Scandinavia, for the last 3 years. The studies have resulted in 3 reports called the “NETWORKED BUSINESS FACTBOOKs”. The FACTBOOKS were produced in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School and a great number of partnering companies and organisations – a concept that is carried over to the NBI.

“Why is this new project important?” (You might ask!)

With the emergence of [pl_tooltip tip=” Social media, mobile, cloud, big data and websites” position=”right”]networked business technologies[/pl_tooltip], the world has never been more connected, more open, more social and more complex. This brings new, exciting opportunities and certainly also new, challenging tasks for businesses everywhere!

The business potential is immense

Multiple studies have shown that successful implementation of networked business technologies and practices provides businesses with a number of noticeable benefits:

  • Increased corporate innovation
  • Heightened organisational knowledge sharing
  • Increased productivity
  • Better decision making
  • Closer customer/supplier relationships
  • Improved bottom line results.

While all these sub-effects are attractive to most businesses, it’s important to remember the bigger picture. Learning to navigate in the networked society and becoming a networked business is not just an option to consider. We believe it’s pivotal for businesses to understand and adapt to the mechanisms of the new reality in order to survive and compete in the present and the future.

Why isn’t everybody doing it then?

As the technologies have matured and are freely and readily available, any competitive advantage will emerge not from the technologies themselves but from well selected and well managed implementations. And herein lies the primary challenge. It’s not just about technology. Becoming a networked business means fundamental changes to business strategy, culture, mindsets and daily routines. In other words, it’s hard!

How will the project help?

The more specific goal of the Networked Business Initiative is to create an online service where businesses can map their digital maturity and benchmark it against industry peers and competitors.

The results will be presented in an intuitive strategic dashboard (the [pl_tooltip tip=”Networked Business Initiative” position=”right”]NBI[/pl_tooltip] Dashboard) allowing users to filter and drill into their own data. This will give users an overview of their networked business performance within key strategic business activities.

Users will also be supplied with research based best-practice guides, frameworks, inspiring cases and be introduced to new, valuable partners (maybe your business?) that can help them move their business forward!

Who is behind the project?

NBI represents a unique collaboration between business practitioners and academics. We believe that these two worlds can benefit more from each other than is currently the case. The academics will secure the scientific validity of the results generated in the project, hereby raising the quality of the foundation for practitioner’s decision making. The scholars will also do public research and develop new management and analytics frameworks, which practitioners can use in their businesses! The practitioners on the other hand will provide the academics with data they can use to do more research and generate more knowledge. It’s quite a beautiful circle, if you ask me! 🙂

In the everyday life of the project, we are a dedicated team of 6 people working from the project secretariat located at Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, Denmark. We work together with amazing people ranging from professors and Ph.D.’s, to consultants and practitioners volunteering their time and skills to make the project happen (If you are talented within a relevant field, please join the team -See more below).

What are the goals then?

We have a lot planned for the project and are working hard to make all of it happen! We are aiming at partnering up with more than 5,000 organisations across more than 20 countries, mapping 250,000 companies worldwide and using the research results to inspire more than 1,000,000 students. The Networked Business Initiative is in other words one of the most ambitious studies in the use of networked business technologies to date.

Is this even possible?

Starting an ambitious, international research project stretching over 3 years and targeting thousands of companies from multiple countries seems like a daunting task. Further, wanting to not only create high quality scientific research, but also immediate value for all participating companies, doesn’t make it easier. We do, however, believe that we have a model for doing it… and to be honest, it includes you!

We want to partner with you!!!

We want to do this project in collaboration with you, whether you are part of a digital agency, are an independent expert within a relevant domain, a scholar focusing on aspects of networked business, or if you simply are as passionate about networked business technologies as we are. Our biggest hope is that you will get involved in the project.

We are planning to run the project in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark in 2014. If you are based in one of these countries or if you have good connections and would like to play a part in the project, please contact us!

If you are a talented writer, communications expert, IT-developer, statistician, conference manager, social media/mobile/cloud/big data/website expert, etc. and would like to become part of the project, please do reach out to us!

Did you get this far?? Then you should really get a prize!

I hope this post gave you a bit of an idea of what this project is all about. I look forward to sharing more of the progress with you – both the successes and failures – and I look forward to hearing from you! Please do comment below with any questions and follow our blog and our social channels for more info as the project moves forward. Whatever you do, don’t be a stranger!

You can:
– contact us on email: contact@networkedbusiness.org
– hook up with us on Twitter or Facebook
– call us on +45 70 27 27 31
– visit us at our offices here in Copenhagen. Drop us line in advance and we’ll have coffee ready for you when you get here!

Best of wishes and thank you for reading this far!


5 thoughts on “Introducing the Networked Business Initiative!

  1. Hej Henrik,

    Fedt at følge jeres arbejde nærmere. Jeg vil gerne være med, hvis det har interesse (har tidligere talt med Jan Futtrup og Klaus Silberbauer). Jeg sidder som phD stipendiat på Marketing Management. Min forskning forsøger at forklare dit spørgsmål ‘why isn’t everybody doing it ?’ ved at forstå de kognitive mekanismer mellem lederes opfattelse af sociale medier og deres strategiske adfærd (forskningsrapport udkommer snart). Jeg tager 3 mdr til University of California i dec. for følge en anerkendt professors arbejde og kursus i social media og interviewe virksomhedsledere, der har et social business mindset (og forretning), og kan derfor ‘springe på’, når jeg kommer hjem til DK medio marts. Du er velkommen til at skrive/ringe (26122106) eller find mig på Linkedin (Pernille Rydén). Hilsen Pernille

    1. Hi Pernille!

      Thank you for your comment! (I’ll reply in english for the non-danish speaking viewers.)

      Your field of study and expertise is absolutely relevant for the project! We would love to work with you!

      If you have time we are actually working on iterating our survey at the moment. Would be great to get your input! If you have time for a cop of coffee, before leaving for the University of California, please do drop by our office at CBS, Institut for IT-Management (5 th floor) on Howitzvej. You can call or write in advance or simply drop by. We are also creating a Facebook group for all participants in the project. I’ll invite you when we are up and running!

      Have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Pernille … Super cool – Thank you for turning up. Loved your approach back when we meet. “I don’t care what they say – I will share what I find” … Looking forward to sharing with you 🙂 Jan

  3. Hi Henrik
    I am absolutely thrilled about this blogpost and have been looking forward for it for a long time.

    I am a graduate student at Ålborg University in Copenhagen (cand.it), and have been following the upcoming of this important project ever since I i stumbled upon the first rumors about it, when i did research on the internet this spring (2013)
    I love the way you highlight the importance of this project by this sentence: ” Learning to navigate in the networked society and becoming a networked business is not just an option to consider. We believe it’s pivotal for businesses to understand and adapt to the mechanisms of the new reality in order to survive and compete in the present and the future.”
    There is no doubt in my mind that this is true, and the importance of a scientific validated project, like NBIP, should not be underestimated.
    I am looking forward to hearing more, and and have decided to build my thesis around this project.

    1. Hi Liselotte

      Thank you for your comment! I’m happy to hear that you will support our mission by creating more knowledge on the issue!

      The best of luck in your studies and future career!


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