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Introducing new faces and changes at NBI

Changes are happening at NBI. As of May 1, Louise Grau Nersting has joined the NBI team as Customer Happiness Officer, and Peter Faber has joined NBI and the KICDK program as external consultant and customer experience expert. In addition, Henrik, who has been a part of team NBI since the beginning, has decided to seek new challenges.

Customer Happiness Officer

Louise Grau louiseNersting has joined us as of May 1st as Customer Happiness Officer, a role she describes as part “project manager, firefighter, cleaning lady, account manager, PA and happy camper.”

She will be taking over several of Henriks projects, specifically as project manager for coordinating KICDK, omnichannel in UK, and Dataprofit in Denmark. In addition, her focus will be on customer happiness, including new procedures, routines, and culture for onboarding and account management.

Louise holds a p.h.d in biology and has worked with project management, product communication, and recruitment for the past 10+ years. In addition to being an experienced force to be reckoned with, she is also brown belt in Karate and describes herself as a “crazy cat-lady.” We are excited to have her on board – again, because Louise was actually a part of the team back in the socialsemantic days.


Goodbye to Henrik

Meanwhile, as the NBI enters a new phase, with a focus on commercializing the initiative that started out as a research project, Henrik Kærsgaard, Head of Operations, has decided this is a good time to leave the project he has dedicated his time to for the past 4 years.

Henrik has been a part of the team since the beginning and has played an integral role in the development of the NBI Platform, the individual benchmarking tools and the NBI organization and culture. He will continue as an external consultant until he decides on his next project.


“It’s been an amazing journey to take NBI from an idea on a whiteboard to where it is today. 4 years of challenges, successes, mistakes and learnings, all together with great colleagues and Henrik Kærsgaard Hansenpartners – some of the smartest minds around when it comes to academic method, business, IT and digitalization. I am grateful for all that I have learned from them in this process.”

While I will continue as an external advisor for NBI, I have decided that it’s time for a change. I am planning to spend some time on paternity leave and then I look forward to create value and develop my skills further by solving new challenges in a new context.
–  Henrik Kærsgaard, Head of Operations & Product Management


Finally, Danish partners may run into another new face when they interact with the KICDK program. Peter Faber joins NBI and the KICDK project as an external consultant and customer experience expert to run a new customer experience workshop series and KICDK and to consult as an expert on the upcoming KICDK program and event in 2017 (stay tuned for more news on these exciting developments to come).
Catch up with Louise on twitter @louisenersting or on LinkedIn

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Catch up with Henrik on his new adventures (also on twitter @henrikkhansen)

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