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Introducing more new employees: devs team edition

Ever since CTO Pau Larsen joined our team in January, our development team has been growing at a steady pace, representing the increased focus on developing the NBI business benchmarking platform and creating new features. In addition, the NBI developers are spending some of their time on some exciting external development projects.

Now, It’s time to introduce our yoga-loving, vegetarian, development team in Romania.

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The whole NBI team gathered in Copenhagen in May 2017


Mihai Busuioc, Florin Muresan, and Iosif Dohi, all from Romania, are working together in Romania as part of a continued and growing focus on creating and developing the NBI business benchmarking platform.

Mihai, who was the first to join the team back in January, has worked with Pau on different projects for over 10 years, and is now in the process of creating a small hub of developers for NBI and NBI related projects in Cluj County, Romania. Combined, Mihai Busuioc, Florin Muresan, and Iosif Dohi, all from Romania, have more than 40 years of experience in software development.

Meet Mihai, Iosif, Anders, and Florin

In addition to the Romanian team, freelance/external consultant Anders Schmidt Hansen, located in Aarhus, has been working with the NBI developers, working mainly with front-end development and UX. Anders has mainly been involved with external development projects. 

Connect or catch up with the development team on LinkedIn:

linkedin-ikon Mihai Busuioc

Florin Muresan

Iosif Dohi

Anders Schmidt Hansen


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