Omnichannel Denmark state of the nation 2017

Happy New Year from NBI

At the turn of a new year, we all like to look back, at the year in review, and forward, to the year that is coming. As such, we would like to take this opportunity to thank friends and partners for a tremendous 2016.


Networked Business Initiative is putting nations, businesses and their advisors on the fast track to improved business practices in the digitally networked society.


In 2016, among other things, we had our our first international launch, we launched a brand new assessment tool, relaunched the omnichannel capability benchmarking tool in Denmark with the #KICDK program, and published the first report based on data from the omnichannel tool.

state of the nation 2017

The report shows that when it comes to omnichannel, Danish companies are still struggling. With an overall average score of 1,44 out of 3,0, there’s a long way to go in reaching towards the lofty goals of omnichannel nirvana and true customer-centric business development.

In addition, we see that Danish companies seem to be struggling with data collection and data discovery, two of the lowest scoring disciplines on the Omnichannel tool, but also two of the essential disciplines to master in order to improve on overall omnichannel ambitions. We’ll be taking on data and related challenges even more in 2017.


In 2017, we’ll also continue our goal of improving business practices n a digitally networked society. We’ll continue to partner up with associations and knowledge partners to offer new benchmarking tools, training, networking and educational opportunities, events and content for improved business practices in the digitally networked society.

Just a few of the plans on the drawing board for 2017 (and remember to stay tuned on the blog and our newsletter so you won’t miss out):

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