Getting ready to make e-commerce so much better

Consumers are rapidly getting used to the flexibility and accessibility of online shopping. But how adapted is your business to this trend? Are you meeting the costumer at the right time on the right media? And how good is the design for your costumer and delivery experience compared to your competitors? Soon you will be able to measure all of this with a new NBI mapping and benchmarking tool. We can’t wait to get started. How about you?

Shopping on the internet – e-commerce – has exploded the past few years. Consumers are now shopping wherever and whenever is convenient for them. From their desktop at work (when the boss is not looking), on a phone on the train, or even in bed with their tablet… etc. And in the B2B world more and more transactions are moving online, too.

And this form of flexible shopping is a trend that just seems to keep growing, which underlines just how it important it is for merchants to provide the online shopping solutions that meets their customers buying needs and habits and presents relevant products in the relevant channels.

But how do you create the best possible e-commerce solution? And how do you find out, if the one you already have is state-of-the-art – or way behind your competitors and the needs of your costumers? You kind of want to know, right? And soon this will be possible – you will be able to find out all of it by joining a new project presented by the NBI: A new mapping and benchmarking tool designed for optimizing e-commerce solutions.



Mapping is a step towards stronger solutions

The e-commerce mapping and benchmarking tool is developed in cooperation between FDIH (Danish E-commerce Association) ITB (The Danish IT Industry Association) and DE (The Confederation of Danish Enterprise). The actual building of the framework is managed by Andreas Klinke Johannsen, who has been working with digital platforms for the past couple of decades. So he knows a thing or two about it. Right now Andreas is working on finishing up partner deals for the tool, and will soon be ready to reveal a launch date for the mapping and benchmarking tool. He is hoping that the tool will help businesses in Denmark sharpening their efforts on e-commerce.

– When companies start mapping their efforts and actual solutions it gives them much more clear answers as to what to do in order to become even better. In a bigger perspective this will help Denmark in general on improving our strength and economic potential on e-commerce, Andreas Klinke Johannsen says.

Danish companies have some catching up to do

Right now research is showing that in 2014, one third of ecommerce orders were coming from a mobile device rather than a computer. This is more than twice as many as in 2012. The increase in mobile phone traffic to online stores is partly being fuelled by another trend: The rise of social-fuelled product discovery and ad targeting on social media. All of these are opportunities waiting for Danish companies, Andreas Klinke Johansen adds.
– Denmark is already a very digitalized nation and we rank high on the use of social media – so the potential for e-commerce is out there. But right now the countries around us are much further ahead on e-commerce, so we have some catching up to do.

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