The foundations for a worldwide survey

My name is Jan Kwiecien. I have been given the exciting task of leading the process of creating the survey for the Networked Business Intelligence Project (NBIP). Overall this means creating a survey that can collect the data needed to give responding companies an overview of their digital maturity or more precisely their networked business maturity.

This is a hard task and luckily I’m not doing this work alone, but in collaboration with a number of highly talented academics and practitioners that volunteer to do the project (if you fall in to one, or both, of the categories, I would love for you to join the team! See below). The process that lie ahead in the next month is both improving the existing survey material and developing new survey material! The existing material originate from a national Danish survey on social media, mobile and cloud (the FACTBOOKs), which have been running for 2 years. This existing material is, however, in Danish, and furthermore needs to be updated for new trends within the subject areas. We also need to develop brand new sections covering big data and websites.

There is, to say the least, a lot of thoughts on the process and perspectives. So why would you want to take part in my thoughts? Well, as with all new projects and the process that follows, mistakes are made and lessons are learned. If you choose to stay updated, you might learn from our errors and the ‘dead ends’ we sometimes encounter. I would also love for you to comment, challenge and share your thoughts on the subject!

If you are an expert within one of the fields we are studying and/or know your methodology and have a lot of professional experience designing surveys, I would love for you to join me in the project somehow. Please comment below or contact me on

Thank you!

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