Case: Omnichannel & JYSK

Jysk is one of the over 150 Danish companies who mapped their omnichannel efforts with the NBI omnichannel assessment tool in 2015.

In the spring of 2016, Jysk doubled their online sales by implementing new omnichannel principles, enabling customers to purchase items online and pick up them up in-store, without paying for shipping.

We spoke with Niels Veien, Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing, and e-Business at Jysk, about how Jysk has been working with omnichannel, and their thoughts on the omnichannel capability assessment tool. 

According to Niels, Jysk has been working towards omnichannel for about 3 years, and would currently evaluate their omnichannel efforts to be somewhere between cross-channel and omnichannel .

The first strategy we had was called seamless crosschannel. We established online sales in all 19 countries, and of course we have our physical stores. We also established customer service centers in all 19 countries. And we’ve been working very hard to make the customer journey seamless across and between these 3 channels (online, phsycial, customer service, ed.).”

Niels Veien would currently evaluate Jysk as being between cross-channel and omnichannel
Niels Veien would currently evaluate Jysk as being between cross-channel and omnichannel.

Using an NBI tool for inspiration and dialogue

Jysk first learned about the omnichannel capability assessment tool when they cooperated with a consulting firm (Agilic, ed.). The omnichannel assessment tool from NBI was used as a tool for inspiration in the middle of their process towards omnichannel. Jysk had already been working toward incorporating omnichannel principles for several years, when the consultant presented the NBI omnichannel tool as a part of his toolbox. Niels completed the tool on his own, the consultant analyzed the data, and finally the results were presented at a meeting with representatives from around the company.

“The omnichannel tool provides some good dimensions for working with omnichannel, and a good overview of omnichannel…. I think it’s a good starting point, to get clarification of where you are in the omnichannel process, and where to prioritize your resources,” says Niels Veien.


The next step for us is to move on to true omnichannel, where we need to integrate all of our data – we currently have silos of data that have yet to be ‘cleansed’ – so we can use them across the organization….. and then, we need to use this data to make it easier for the customer to shop across channels, and to make more relevant marketing” Niels Veien concludes.

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